Cilium - v1.1.6


    André Martins (12):
          test: set default CRI socket
          Revert "Revert "test: update k8s to 1.8.14, 1.10.4 and 1.11.0""
          test: update k8s to 1.9.9 and 1.10.5
          Revert "Revert "ginkgo-kubernetes-all.Jenkinsfile: move k8s 1.10 and 1.12 to same stage""
          tests: disable k8s 1.12-alpha.0 tests
          Revert "test/k8sT: use specific commit for cilium/star-wars-demo YAMLs"
          test: fix star wars demo to run star-wars v1.0
          fix alignment in Go structs
          test: fix star wars demo
          examples/kubernetes: add better comment for bpf-maps volume
          crio: don't mount bpf path for k8s >= 1.11
          policy: do policy modifications based on the CNP identifiable labels

    Daniel Borkmann (2):
          daemon: fix potential nil pointer dereference
          bpf, perf: refine barriers, tail pointer update and buffers

    Eloy Coto (2):
          Test: Fix issues with kubernetes test on old branchs.
          Test/Demos: Make assert more robust.

    Ian Vernon (1):
          test/k8sT: wait for DNS to be ready in Kafka pods

    Jarno Rajahalme (8):
          envoy: Make NACK cancel the WaitGroup
          xds: Start versioning at 1.
          envoy: Pass error detail when NACK
          envoy: Update generated protobufs
          envoy: Use separate clusters for egress and ingress redirects.
          bpf: Do not redirect replies from a pod to a proxyport.
          bpf: Use 'forwarding_reason' instead of potentially overwritten 'ret'
          envoy: Pass nil completion if Acks are not expected.

    Joe Stringer (7):
          lxcmap: Fix invalid dumping of IPv4 entries
          daemon: Improve syncLXCMap failure log
          bpf: Add basic endpointKey.ToIP() test
          examples/kubernetes: Clean up pidfiles on startup
          examples/kubernetes: Synchronize CRIO init YAMLs
          pidfile: Add 'Remove' to provide pidfile deletion
          daemon: Clean up k8s health EP pidfile on startup

    Maciej Kwiek (1):
          protect bpf.PerfEvent.Read from infinite loop

    Romain Lenglet (2):
          test: Fix the semantics of WithTimeout's Timeout
          proxy: Check whether a port is already open before allocating

    Thomas Graf (5):
          k8s: Include type of derived k8s resource in policy rule
          k8s: Fix CNP delete handling to not rely on rules being embedded
          agent: Fix temporary corruption of BPF endpoint map on restart
          bpf: Avoid additional cgo call per perf read
          endpoint: Skip conntrack clean on endpoint restore

Release binaries


Oct. 24, 2018, 6:24 p.m.
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