Cilium - v1.1.2


    André Martins (6):
          pkg/kvstore: fix high-cpu usage when Cilium loses Consul connectivity
          pkg/endpoint: fix endpoint.logger race condition
          docs: explicitly set kube-system namespace when applying new ConfigMap
          pkg/endpoint: annotate pod with numeric identity
          daemon: always re-add CNP when receiving an update from Kubernetes
          kubernetes: set maxUnavailable to pods to 2 on upgrade

    Eloy Coto (2):
          Test: Upgrade test wait until pods are terminated.
          Test: K8s/Tunnels wait until all pods terminate

    Ian Vernon (3):
          daemon: fix minimum number of work threads unit test
          Prepare for release v1.1.2
          daemon: refactor updating of CNP Node Status

    Jarno Rajahalme (1):
          envoy: Sanitize HTTP headers

    Maciej Kwiek (4):
          Increase timeout on endpoint generations
          Add client timeout for Cilium API
          Add label script for backporting
          Add label script docs to backporting process

    Ray Bejjani (1):
          codeowners: Remove CODEOWNERS from v1.1

    Romain Lenglet (2):
          doc: Support BSD sed in Istio GSG
          doc: Disable unused Istio services in Istio GSG

    Thomas Graf (7):
          etcd: Fix and relax during recreate watcher loop
          ipcache: Allow providing kvstore client to watcher
          store: Make kvstore backend configurable 
          consul: Add timeout to List() in Watch() to detect watcher stop
          kvstore: Wait for kvstore watcher to exit
          monitor: Fix spin loop when reading stdout from monitor fails
          bpffs: Cache mountinfo result

Release binaries


Aug. 4, 2018, 7:37 a.m.
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