Celery - v5.3.6

This release is focused mainly to fix AWS SQS new feature compatibility issue and old regressions.
The code changes are mostly fix for regressions. More details can be found below.

What's Changed

  • Update Minor-Version-Release-Checklist.md by @auvipy in https://github.com/celery/celery/pull/8624
  • Increased docker-build CI job timeout from 30m -> 60m by @Nusnus in https://github.com/celery/celery/pull/8635
  • [pre-commit.ci] pre-commit autoupdate by @pre-commit-ci in https://github.com/celery/celery/pull/8639
  • Incredibly minor spelling fix. by @Asday in https://github.com/celery/celery/pull/8649
  • Fix non-zero exit code when receiving remote shutdown by @lyzlisa in https://github.com/celery/celery/pull/8650
  • Update task.py get_custom_headers missing 'compression' key by @auvipy in https://github.com/celery/celery/pull/8633
  • Update kombu>=5.3.4 to fix SQS request compatibility by @auvipy in https://github.com/celery/celery/pull/8646
  • test requirements version update by @auvipy in https://github.com/celery/celery/pull/8655
  • Update elasticsearch version by @auvipy in https://github.com/celery/celery/pull/8656
  • Propagates more ImportErrors during autodiscovery by @johnjameswhitman in https://github.com/celery/celery/pull/8632
  • Re-raise ModuleNotFoundError unless for guessed task by @johnjameswhitman in https://github.com/celery/celery/pull/8660
  • Added changelog for v5.3.6 release by @auvipy in https://github.com/celery/celery/pull/8659

New Contributors

  • @Asday made their first contribution in https://github.com/celery/celery/pull/8649
  • @lyzlisa made their first contribution in https://github.com/celery/celery/pull/8650
  • @johnjameswhitman made their first contribution in https://github.com/celery/celery/pull/8632

Full Changelog: https://github.com/celery/celery/compare/v5.3.5...v5.3.6


Nov. 22, 2023, 3:18 p.m.
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