Buildah - v1.4

  • from: fix isolation option
  • Touchup pull manpage
  • Export buildah ReserveSELinuxLables so podman can use it
  • Add to and doc fixes
  • Update rmi man for prune changes
  • Ignore file not found removal error in bud
  • bump({storage,image})
  • NewImageSource(): only create one Diff() at a time
  • Copy ExposedPorts from base image into the config
  • tests: run conformance test suite in Travis
  • Change rmi --prune to not accept an imageID
  • Clear intermediate container IDs after each stage
  • Request podman version for build issues
  • unshare: keep the additional groups of the user
  • Builtin volumes should be owned by the UID/GID of the container
  • Get rid of dangling whitespace in markdown files
  • Move buildah from projecatatomic/buildah to containers/buildah
  • nitpick: parse.validateFlags loop in bud cli
  • bash: Completion options
  • Add signature policy to push tests
  • vendor in latest containers/image
  • Fix grammar in Container Tools Guide
  • Don't build btrfs if it is not installed
  • new: Return image-pulling errors from resolveImage
  • pull: Return image-pulling errors from pullImage
  • Add more volume mount tests
  • chroot: create missing parent directories for volume mounts
  • Push: Allow an empty destination
  • Add Podman relationship to readme, create container tools guide
  • Fix arg usage in buildah-tag
  • Add flags/arguments order verification to other commands
  • Handle ErrDuplicateName errors from store.CreateContainer()
  • Evaluate symbolic links on Add/Copy Commands
  • Vendor in latest containers/image and containers/storage
  • Retain bounding set when running containers as non root
  • run container-diff tests in Travis
  • Fix option contents
  • push: show image digest after push succeed
  • Vendor in latest containers/storage,image,libpod and runc
  • Change references to cri-o to point at new repository
  • Exclude --layers from the common bug cli flags
  • demos: Increase the executable permissions
  • run: clear default seccomp filter if not enabled
  • Bump maximum cyclomatic complexity to 45
  • stdin: on HUP, read everything
  • nitpick: use tabs in tests/helpers.bash
  • Add flags/arguments order verification to one arg commands
  • nitpick: decrease cognitive complexity in buildah-bud
  • rename: Avoid renaming the same name as other containers
  • chroot isolation: chroot() before setting up seccomp
  • Small nitpick at the "if" condition in tag.go
  • cmd/images: Modify json option
  • cmd/images: Disallow the input of image when using the -a option
  • Fix examples to include context directory
  • Update containers/image to fix commit layer issue
  • cmd/containers: End loop early when using the json option
  • Make buildah-from error message clear when flags are after arg
  • Touch up for conformance tests
  • Update container/storage for lock fix
  • cmd/rm: restore the correct containerID display
  • Remove debug lines
  • Remove docker build image after each test
  • Add README for conformance test
  • Update the MakeOptions to accept all command options for buildah
  • Update regrex to fit the docker output in test "run with JSON"
  • cmd/buildah: Remove redundant variable declarations
  • Warn about using Commands in Dockerfile that are not supported by OCI.
  • Add buildah bud conformance test
  • Fix rename to also change container name in builder
  • Makefile: use $(GO) env-var everywhere
  • Cleanup code to more closely match Docker Build images
  • Document BUILDAH_* environment variables in buildah bud --help output
  • Return error immediately if error occurs in Prepare step
  • Fix --layers ADD from url issue
  • Add "Sign your PRs" TOC item to
  • Display the correct ID after deleting image
  • rmi: Modify the handling of errors
  • Let util.ResolveName() return parsing errors
  • Explain Open Container Initiative (OCI) acronym, add link
  • Update vendor for urfave/cli back to master
  • Handle COPY --chown in Dockerfile
  • Switch to Recommends container-selinux
  • Update vendor for containernetworking, imagebuildah and podman
  • Document STORAGE_DRIVER and STORAGE_OPTS environment variable
  • Change references to projectatomic/libpod to containers/libpod
  • Add container PATH retrieval example
  • Expand variables names for --env
  • imagebuildah: provide a way to provide stdin for RUN
  • Remove an unused srcRef.NewImageSource in pullImage
  • chroot: correct a comment
  • chroot: bind mount an empty directory for masking
  • Don't bother with --no-pivot for rootless isolation
  • CentOS need EPEL repo
  • Export a Pull() function
  • Remove stream options, since docker build does not have it
  • release v1.3: mention openSUSE
  • Add Release Announcements directory


Oct. 2, 2018, 7:24 p.m.
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