Buildah - v1.3

  • Vendor in lates containers/image
  • build-using-dockerfile: let -t include transports again
  • Block use of /proc/acpi and /proc/keys from inside containers
  • Fix handling of --registries-conf
  • Fix becoming a maintainer link
  • add optional CI test fo darwin
  • Don't pass a nil error to errors.Wrapf()
  • image filter test: use kubernetes/pause as a "since"
  • Add --cidfile option to from
  • vendor: update containers/storage
  • Contributors need to find the file easier
  • Add a --loglevel option to build-with-dockerfile
  • Create Development plan
  • cmd: Code improvement
  • allow buildah cross compile for a darwin target
  • Add unused function param lint check
  • docs: Follow man-pages(7) suggestions for SYNOPSIS
  • Start using
  • umount: add all option to umount all mounted containers
  • runConfigureNetwork(): remove an unused parameter
  • Update
  • Fix buildah bud --layers
  • Force ownership of /etc/hosts and /etc/resolv.conf to 0:0
  • main: if unprivileged, reexec in a user namespace
  • Vendor in latest imagebuilder
  • Reduce the complexity of the buildah.Run function
  • mount: output it before replacing lastError
  • Vendor in latest selinux-go code
  • Implement basic recognition of the "--isolation" option
  • Run(): try to resolve non-absolute paths using $PATH
  • Run(): don't include any default environment variables
  • build without seccomp
  • vendor in latest runtime-tools
  • bind/mount_unsupported.go: remove import errors
  • Update
  • Add Capabilities lists to BuilderInfo
  • Tweaks for commit tests
  • commit: recognize committing to second storage locations
  • Fix ARGS parsing for run commands
  • Add info on registries.conf to from manpage
  • Switch from using docker to podman for testing in .papr
  • buildah: set the HTTP User-Agent
  • ONBUILD tutorial
  • Add information about the configuration files to the install docs
  • Makefile: add uninstall
  • Add tilde info for push to troubleshooting
  • mount: support multiple inputs
  • Use the right formatting when adding entries to /etc/hosts
  • Vendor in latest go-selinux bindings
  • Allow --userns-uid-map/--userns-gid-map to be global options
  • bind: factor out UnmountMountpoints
  • Run(): simplify runCopyStdio()
  • Run(): handle POLLNVAL results
  • Run(): tweak terminal mode handling
  • Run(): rename 'copyStdio' to 'copyPipes'
  • Run(): don't set a Pdeathsig for the runtime
  • Run(): add options for adding and removing capabilities
  • Run(): don't use a callback when a slice will do
  • setupSeccomp(): refactor
  • Change RunOptions.Stdin/Stdout/Stderr to just be Reader/Writers
  • Escape use of '_' in .md docs
  • Break out getProcIDMappings()
  • Break out SetupIntermediateMountNamespace()
  • Add Multi From Demo
  • Use the c/image conversion code instead of converting configs manually
  • Don't throw away the manifest MIME type and guess again
  • Consolidate loading manifest and config in initConfig
  • Pass a types.Image to Builder.initConfig
  • Require an image ID in importBuilderDataFromImage
  • Use c/image/manifest.GuessMIMEType instead of a custom heuristic
  • Do not ignore any parsing errors in initConfig
  • Explicitly handle "from scratch" images in Builder.initConfig
  • Fix parsing of OCI images
  • Simplify dead but dangerous-looking error handling
  • Don't ignore v2s1 history if docker_version is not set
  • Add --rm and --force-rm to buildah bud
  • Add --all,-a flag to buildah images
  • Separate stdio buffering from writing
  • Remove tty check from images --format
  • Add environment variable BUILDAH_RUNTIME
  • Add --layers and --no-cache to buildah bud
  • Touch up images man
  • tests: add containers test
  • tests: add images test
  • images: fix usage
  • fix make clean error
  • Change 'registries' to 'container registries' in man
  • add commit test
  • Add(): learn to record hashes of what we add
  • Minor update to buildah config documentation for entrypoint
  • Bump to v1.2-dev
  • Add registries.conf link to a few man pages


Aug. 5, 2018, 11:35 a.m.
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