Bolt - 3.24.0


New features

  • Support extended globs for target matching from CLI

Bolt now supports extended globs for target matching in CLI
--targets option.

Contributed by Yury Bushmelev

  • Support interpreters in LXD transport configuration

Bolt now also supports setting the interpreters configuration option
for the LXD transport.

Contributed by jonasdemoor

  • Update puppetlabs-reboot to 4.2.0

The bundled module puppetlabs-reboot has been updated to version

Bug fixes

  • Execute commands over winrm in separate shell instances

Bolt now opens a new shell instance each time it runs a command over
winrm. Previously, Bolt used a single shell instance to run all
commands, preventing Bolt from properly cleaning up temporary files in
some instances.

  • Correctly print secret key paths when using rainbow format

Bolt no longer errors when running bolt secret createkeys --format rainbow or New-BoltSecretKey -Format rainbow.

  • Don't store sensitive parameter values when running plans over PCP

Bolt no longer submits sensitive parameter values to the PE
Orchestrator service when running plans over the PCP transport.


  • Remove support for Fedora 32, Ubuntu 16.04


June 29, 2022, midnight
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