Bolt - 3.22.0


New features

  • Warn when bolt-plugin.json is found

Bolt will now warn if, while loading plugins, it finds a
bolt-plugin.json file in a module. The correct filename is
bolt_plugin.json, and Bolt will advise renaming the file in order for
it to be loaded.

Contributed by Lucy Wyman

  • Allow reading manifests from a named pipe

Bolt will now read manifests from a named pipe, treating them as

Contributed by Jesse Hathaway

  • Configure path to the rerun file

You can now configure the path to Bolt's rerun file at the project
level with the new rerunfile config option.

  • Option to parse data as JSON looked up with env_var plugin

The env_var plugin now accepts a json option to allow
the plugin to use data encoded as JSON stored in environment

Bug fixes

  • Make native-ssh more portable

Updates native-ssh so setting batch-mode: false omits -o BatchMode= and adds a double-dash separater -- before commands to

  • Support resolving facts from nested arrays with puppetdb plugin

Previously, indexing into arrays when resolving values from puppetdb
facts using the target_mapping for the puppetdb plugin did not work.
This is now possible by specifying the index of the array, for example:


March 28, 2022, midnight
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