Backstage - v1.3.0


These are the release notes for the v1.3.0 release of Backstage.

A huge thanks to the whole team of maintainers and contributors as well as the amazing Backstage Community for the hard work in getting this release developed and done.


Scaffolder Dry Run and Template Editor

The scaffolder plugin now has a new template editor in addition to the form editor, which is accessible via the context menu on the top right hand corner of the Create page. It allows you to load a template from a local directory, edit it with a preview, execute it in dry-run mode, and view the results. Note that the File System Access API must be supported by your browser for this to be available.

TypeScript 4.7

The recommended TypeScript version has been bumped to ~4.7.0, and that’s what the main Backstage repository uses right now for its builds. Each Backstage project manages their version separately however, so there is no rush or immediate effect on users - you can update the typescript dependency in your root package.json once you feel ready to do so.

Expiring Backend Tokens

In 1.2 we introduced expiry times for server-to-server authentication tokens issued from the standard TokenManager. At that point in time, the expiry was only added to tokens and not yet enforced. In this release however, it is now also enforced, meaning that expired tokens are considered invalid and will be rejected.

Discovery providers

Several new entity providers have been contributed as replacements for their corresponding discovery processors. Entity providers allow for more control and are recommended over their processing counterparts.
- AzureDevOpsEntityProvider as replacement for AzureDevOpsDiscoveryProcessor. PR #11604 contributed by @goenning
- GitlabDiscoveryEntityProvider as replacement for GitLabDiscoveryProcessor. PR #11886 contributed by @ivangonzalezacuna
- BitbucketCloudEntityProvider as a replacement for BitbucketDiscoveryProcessor (for Bitbucket Cloud only). PR #11345 contributed by @pjungermann

New plugin: Vault

View secrets from HashiCorp Vault alongside your components. PR #11423 contributed by @ivangonzalezacuna

New plugin: GitHub Pull Requests Board

GitHub Pull Requests Board Plugin is a board that helps you visualize all open pull requests from all repositories owned by a team, with the main goal of reducing the time from open a PR and merging it. PR #11043 contributed by @gregorytalita

New plugin: Dynatrace

Displays tracing data from Dynatrace alongside your components. PR #11754 contributed by @isand3r

Security Fixes

@backstage/plugin-scaffolder-backend, please upgrade to the latest version if you are using this module.
@backstage/plugin-techdocs-node, please upgrade to the latest version if you are using this module.

Upgrade path

We recommend that you keep your Backstage project up to date with this latest release. For more guidance on how to upgrade, check out the documentation for keeping Backstage updated.

Links and References

Below you can find a list of links and references to help you learn about and start using this new release.

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June 14, 2022, 10:28 a.m.
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