Argo Workflows - v2.2.1


  • 0a928e93d Update installation manifests to use v2.2.1
  • 3b52b2619 Fix linter warnings and update swagger
  • 7d0e77ba7 Update changelog and bump version to 2.2.1
  • b402e12fe Issue #1033 - Workflow executor panic: not found in annotation file (#1034)
  • 3f2e986e1 fix typo in examples/ (#1025)
  • 9c5e056a8 Replace tabs with spaces (#1027)
  • 091f14071 Update (#1030)
  • 159fe09c9 Fix format issues to resolve build errors (#1023)
  • 363bd97b7 Fix error in env syntax (#1014)
  • ae7bf0a5f Issue #1018 - Workflow controller should save information about archived logs in step outputs (#1019)
  • 15d006c54 Add example of workflow using imagePullSecrets (resolves #1013)
  • 2388294fa Fix RBAC roles to include workflow delete for GC to work properly (resolves #1004)
  • 6f611cb93 Fix issue where resubmission of a terminated workflow creates a terminated workflow (issue #1011)
  • 4a7748f43 Disable Persistence in the demo example (#997)
  • 55ae0cb24 Fix example pod name (#1002)
  • c275e7acb Add imagePullPolicy config for executors (#995)
  • b1eed124e tar -tf will detect compressed tars correctly. (#998)
  • 03a7137c9 Add new organization using argo (#994)
  • 838845287 Update argoproj/pkg to trim leading/trailing whitespace in S3 credentials (resolves #981)
  • 978b49383 Add syntax highlighting for all YAML snippets and most shell snippets (#980)
  • 60d5dc11c Give control to decide whether or not to archive logs at a template level
  • 8fab73b14 Detect and indicate when container was OOMKilled
  • 47a9e5560 Update config map doc with instructions to enable log archiving
  • 79dbbaa1e Add instructions to match git URL format to auth type in git example (issue #979)
  • 429f03f5b Add feature list to Tweaks to getting started.
  • 36fd19482 Update getting started guide with v2.2.0 instructions


  • Alexander Matyushentsev
  • Appréderisse Benjamin
  • Daisuke Taniwaki
  • David Bernard
  • Feynman Liang
  • Ilya Sotkov
  • Jesse Suen
  • Marco Sanvido
  • Matt Hillsdon
  • Sean Fern
  • WeiYan


Oct. 11, 2018, midnight
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