Alertmanager - v0.27.0

  • [CHANGE] Discord Integration: Enforce max length in message. #3597
  • [CHANGE] API: Removal of all api/v1/ endpoints. These endpoints now log and return a deprecation message and respond with a status code of 410. #2970
  • [FEATURE] UTF-8 Support: Introduction of support for any UTF-8 character as part of label names and matchers. Please read more below. #3453, #3483, #3567, #3570
  • [FEATURE] Metrics: Introduced the experimental feature flag --enable-feature=receiver-name-in-metrics to include the receiver name in the following metrics: #3045
  • alertmanager_notifications_total
  • alertmanager_notifications_failed_totall
  • alertmanager_notification_requests_total
  • alertmanager_notification_requests_failed_total
  • alertmanager_notification_latency_seconds
  • [FEATURE] Metrics: Introduced a new gauge named alertmanager_inhibition_rules that counts the number of configured inhibition rules. #3681
  • [FEATURE] Metrics: Introduced a new counter named alertmanager_alerts_supressed_total that tracks muted alerts, it contains a reason label to indicate the source of the mute. #3565
  • [ENHANCEMENT] Discord Integration: Introduced support for webhook_url_file. #3555
  • [ENHANCEMENT] Microsoft Teams Integration: Introduced support for webhook_url_file. #3555
  • [ENHANCEMENT] Microsoft Teams Integration: Add support for summary. #3616
  • [ENHANCEMENT] Metrics: Notification metrics now support two new values for the label reason, contextCanceled and contextDeadlineExceeded. #3631
  • [ENHANCEMENT] Email Integration: Contents of auth_password_file are now trimmed of prefixed and suffixed whitespace. #3680
  • [BUGFIX] amtool: Fixes the error scheme required for webhook url when using amtool with --alertmanager.url. #3509
  • [BUGFIX] Mixin: Fix AlertmanagerFailedToSendAlerts, AlertmanagerClusterFailedToSendAlerts, and AlertmanagerClusterFailedToSendAlerts to make sure they ignore the reason label. #3599

Removal of API v1

The Alertmanager v1 API has been deprecated since January 2019 with the release of Alertmanager v0.16.0. With the release of version 0.27.0 it is now removed.
A successful HTTP request to any of the v1 endpoints will log and return a deprecation message while responding with a status code of 410.
Please ensure you switch to the v2 equivalent endpoint in your integrations before upgrading.

Alertmanager support for all UTF-8 characters in matchers and label names

Starting with Alertmanager v0.27.0, we have a new parser for matchers that has a number of backwards incompatible changes. While most matchers will be forward-compatible, some will not. Alertmanager is operating a transition period where it supports both UTF-8 and classic matchers, so it's entirely safe to upgrade without any additional configuration. With that said, we recommend the following:

  • If this is a new Alertmanager installation, we recommend enabling UTF-8 strict mode before creating an Alertmanager configuration file. You can enable strict mode with alertmanager --config.file=config.yml --enable-feature="utf8-strict-mode".

  • If this is an existing Alertmanager installation, we recommend running the Alertmanager in the default mode called fallback mode before enabling UTF-8 strict mode. In this mode, Alertmanager will log a warning if you need to make any changes to your configuration file before UTF-8 strict mode can be enabled. Alertmanager will make UTF-8 strict mode the default in the next two versions, so it's important to transition as soon as possible.

Irrespective of whether an Alertmanager installation is a new or existing installation, you can also use amtool to validate that an Alertmanager configuration file is compatible with UTF-8 strict mode before enabling it in Alertmanager server by running amtool check-config config.yml and inspecting the log messages.

Should you encounter any problems, you can run the Alertmanager with just the classic parser enabled by running alertmanager --config.file=config.yml --enable-feature="classic-mode". If so, please submit a bug report via GitHub issues.


Feb. 28, 2024, 12:56 p.m.
0.27.0 / 2024-02-28
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