Airflow - 2.5.2

Significant Changes

The date-time fields passed as API parameters or Params should be RFC3339-compliant (#29395)

In case of API calls, it was possible that "+" passed as part of the date-time fields were not URL-encoded, and
such date-time fields could pass validation. Such date-time parameters should now be URL-encoded (as %2B).

In case of parameters, we still allow IS8601-compliant date-time (so for example it is possible that
' ' was used instead of T separating date from time and no timezone was specified) but we raise
deprecation warning.

Default for [webserver] expose_hostname changed to False (#29547)

The default for [webserver] expose_hostname has been set to False, instead of True. This means administrators must opt-in to expose webserver hostnames to end users.

Bug Fixes

  • Fix validation of date-time field in API and Parameter schemas (#29395)
  • Fix grid logs for large logs (#29390)
  • Fix on_failure_callback when task receives a SIGTERM (#29743)
  • Update min version of python-daemon to fix containerd file limits (#29916)
  • POST /dagRuns API should 404 if dag not active (#29860)
  • DAG list sorting lost when switching page (#29756)
  • Fix Scheduler crash when clear a previous run of a normal task that is now a mapped task (#29645)
  • Convert moment with timezone to UTC instead of raising an exception (#29606)
  • Fix clear dag run openapi spec responses by adding additional return type (#29600)
  • Don't display empty rendered attrs in Task Instance Details page (#29545)
  • Remove section check from get-value command (#29541)
  • Do not show version/node in UI traceback for unauthenticated user (#29501)
  • Make prev_logical_date variable offset-aware (#29454)
  • Fix nested fields rendering in mapped operators (#29451)
  • Datasets, next_run_datasets, remove unnecessary timestamp filter (#29441)
  • Edgemodifier refactoring w/ labels in TaskGroup edge case (#29410)
  • Fix Rest API update user output (#29409)
  • Ensure Serialized DAG is deleted (#29407)
  • Persist DAG and task doc values in TaskFlow API if explicitly set (#29399)
  • Redirect to the origin page with all the params (#29212)
  • Fixing Task Duration view in case of manual DAG runs only (#22015) (#29195)
  • Remove poke method to fall back to parent implementation (#29146)
  • PR: Introduced fix to run tasks on Windows systems (#29107)
  • Fix warning in migrations about old config. (#29092)
  • Emit dagrun failed duration when timeout (#29076)
  • Handling error on cluster policy itself (#29056)
  • Fix kerberos authentication for the REST API. (#29054)
  • Fix leak sensitive field via V1EnvVar on exception (#29016)
  • Sanitize url_for arguments before they are passed (#29039)
  • Fix dag run trigger with a note. (#29228)
  • Write action log to DB when DAG run is triggered via API (#28998)
  • Resolve all variables in pickled XCom iterator (#28982)
  • Allow URI without authority and host blocks in airflow connections add (#28922)
  • Be more selective when adopting pods with KubernetesExecutor (#28899)
  • KubenetesExecutor sends state even when successful (#28871)
  • Annotate KubernetesExecutor pods that we don't delete (#28844)
  • Throttle streaming log reads (#28818)
  • Introduce dag processor job (#28799)
  • Fix #28391 manual task trigger from UI fails for k8s executor (#28394)
  • Logging poke info when external dag is not none and task_id and task_ids are none (#28097)
  • Fix inconsistencies in checking edit permissions for a DAG (#20346)


  • Add a check for not templateable fields (#29821)
  • Removed continue for not in (#29791)
  • Move extra links position in grid view (#29703)
  • Bump undici from 5.9.1 to 5.19.1 (#29583)
  • Change expose_hostname default to false (#29547)
  • Change permissions of config/password files created by airflow (#29495)
  • Use newer setuptools v67.2.0 (#29465)
  • Increase max height for grid view elements (#29367)
  • Clarify description of worker control config (#29247)
  • Bump ua-parser-js from 0.7.31 to 0.7.33 in /airflow/www (#29172)
  • Remove upper bound limitation for pytest (#29086)
  • Check for run_id url param when linking to graph/gantt views (#29066)
  • Clarify graph view dynamic task labels (#29042)
  • Fixing import error for dataset (#29007)
  • Update how PythonSensor returns values from python_callable (#28932)
  • Add dep context description for better log message (#28875)
  • Bump swagger-ui-dist from 3.52.0 to 4.1.3 in /airflow/www (#28824)
  • Limit importlib-metadata backport to < 5.0.0 (#29924, #30069)

Doc Only Changes

  • Update pipeline.rst - Fix query in merge_data() task (#29158)
  • Correct argument name of Workday timetable in timetable.rst (#29896)
  • Update ref anchor for env var link in Connection how-to doc (#29816)
  • Better description for limit in api (#29773)
  • Description of dag_processing.last_duration (#29740)
  • Update docs re: template_fields typing and subclasses (#29725)
  • Fix formatting of Dataset inlet/outlet note in TaskFlow concepts (#29678)
  • Specific use-case: adding packages via requirements.txt in compose (#29598)
  • Detect is 'docker-compose' existing (#29544)
  • Add Landing Times entry to UI docs (#29511)
  • Improve health checks in example docker-compose and clarify usage (#29408)
  • Remove notes param from TriggerDagRunOperator docstring (#29298)
  • Use schedule param rather than timetable in Timetables docs (#29255)
  • Add trigger process to Airflow Docker docs (#29203)
  • Update set-up-database.rst (#29104)
  • Several improvements to the Params doc (#29062)
  • Email Config docs more explicit env var examples (#28845)
  • Listener plugin example added (#27905)


March 15, 2023, 12:40 a.m.
Apache Airflow 2.5.2
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